Feature - menu with repositories

Feature Bitbucket Bitbucket Advanced
Access to the menu Accessible from the web page bitbucket.org Accessible from any open web page via Chrome
List of repositories 2 lists: RECENTLY VIEWED and RECENTLY UPDATED 1 list with 3 sections: bookmarked, normal, archived
Content of the list(s) All the repositories you looked at or you updated: yours and some owned by others, even with public access Only the repositories you are the owner, a writer or a reader
Number of items 9 for RECENTLY VIEWED and 10 for RECENTLY UPDATED All the repositories you have an named access
Order in the list(s) Ordered first by kind of access, then by date Ordered first by the interest defined by you, then by name
Icon Icon of the repository Icon of Bitbucket colorized with your settings
Title The name of the project, then the name of the repository Simply the name of the repositories

Bitbucket menu

Bitbucket menu

Bitbucket Advanced menu

View of bookmarked repositories

Bitbucket Advanced menu - bookmark

View of archived repositories

Bitbucket Advanced menu - archive